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Buddhist Singing Bowl

Elevating The Vibration Through Love

Welcome to High Vibes, where we are dedicated to curating experiences that elevate energies and connect you with your innermost self. Our events offer a holistic approach to healing and personal growth and are designed to help you unleash yourself through practices such as mantra singing, free flow dancing, sound baths, cacao ceremonies, meditations and more !

We offer a space that is a safe and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to express themselves freely and authentically.


We believe that by coming together and sharing our experiences, we can create a powerful collective energy that can help transform ourselves and the world around us.


Diwali Lights

Open your heart wide in this beautiful guided collective practice of music and chanting called Kirtan, using our voices to bring to life the powerful vibrational energetics of mantras from the tradition of Bhakti Yoga, the “Yoga of Love”.


Please register in advance if you wish to attend as spots are limited! All events by donation.

  • Parking?
    Woferlstal: There is no immediate parking. Please park elsewhere and walk to the venue. 38 Neuhofen: Drive over the bridge, turn right and drive through the barrier and park on the land. Please do not park outside the house or studio
  • What do I need to do, bring?
    EESystem Retreats: *A blanket to cover yourself and anything else that will support comfort in the different practices. *Yoga Mat if you want to self practice. *Water bottle to refil. *Eyemask 9D Breathwork: *A blanket to cover yourself and anything else that will support you to sit and lie down comfortably *Eyemask Free Flow Dance: *Wear comfortable clothing so you can dance freely. Sound Healing: * A blanket to cover yourself and anything else that will make you comfortable when you lie down. Chanting: *Bring whatever you need to sit comfortably on the floor Wild rose Ceremony or Cacao Cermony: *Bring whatever you need to sit comfortably on the floor 108 Salutations: *Yoga mat. If you do not have one let us know in advance and we will organise a one for you.
  • Donations
    General Events: We invite you to donate what you can. EESystem Retreats: the 4 day retreats includes over 24 hrs in the system and a variety of healing modalities and spiritual activity. Your retreat with be a deeply transformative experience with the support and guidance of experienced teachers. Normally centres charge about €50 per hour ( €50 x 24 = €1200 euros) per hour to sit in the eesystem. We invite you to pledge 50% of that or more when booking onto a retreat. EESystem Remote healing : During the 4 days of each retreat remote healing takes place which includes 67hrs of continous remote healing. We recommend a minimum donation of €30 per retreat.
  • More Questions?
    If you have more questions please send us a message via the contact section
  • How do I sign up?
    Please click RSVP and fill in your details to sign up and reserve your spot. Space is limited.

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E.I.K.E Forum - Wolferstall
Kurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
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